Paris in the Aftermath of Terror

On 13 November, 2015 a series of coordinated attacks across the capital saw France experience the worst attacks on it’s soil since World War Two. It was beyond tragic, as reports of injuries, a rising death toll and widespread fear flooded the news. The city of lights was looking bleak. A week later I boarded … More Paris in the Aftermath of Terror

Christmas Cup Contest

It’s that time of year again when treetops glisten, the halls are decked with boughs of holly and the spirit of Christmas extends all the way to our over-priced, poorly made coffee sold in chain shops everywhere. Now, being the Christmas maniac that I am, my hatred of chain-coffee shops is dulled by my love for … More Christmas Cup Contest

Riding the Rails

It is true what they say – the railways are the lifeblood of India. It isn’t something you can truly comprehend, or appreciate, until you find yourself napping with your face inches from the train ceiling as you are whizzed, or slowly pulled, along the widths and breadths of this continent-sized nation. You can jump … More Riding the Rails

Arundel in a day

With my parents visiting the UK from a land Down Under, I was determined to spend as much time with them as possible. Initially, the three of us plus Dean were all going to be trekking off to the Cotswolds for the long weekend. However, because Mum and I decided Greece was more important, the … More Arundel in a day

New York on a Budget

The Big Apple can be a costly city, so when I headed there after 8 months of travel, and with another three to go, I knew I needed to be sensible about my dimes. Luckily, before jet-setting away to NYC, I had some time to do research into penny-pinching in the city. Honestly, I think researching … More New York on a Budget